Saturday, September 5, 2015

Getting down to the nitty gritty!!!

As you can see , I have posted a countdown now to the NYC marathon!  Getting down to the nitty gritty now.  Am I getting nervous?   You bet I am.  I think my biggest fear right now, is something unforeseen happening, like an illness or an injury that would sideline me.  I am thinking positive, but I can't seem to stop these thoughts from entering my little brain..most people experience this I would think.

Three weeks ago I traveled to Detroit to do my scheduled 20-miler on the trail with my bestest running friend, Lisa.  For this venture I purchased a Nathan hydration vest/backpack.  The jury is still out on how I liked it.  Took quite a bit of adjusting, as the backpack seemed to lay to far down my back and pulled on my shoulders.  Lisa did some tucks with safety pins and it felt better, but still not real comfortable.  However it was nice to have a drink whenever I needed without having to carry a handheld or something around my waist, both of which I have used in the past and not with very much success.  Anyway, we set out around 8:30 in the morning, looking like we were going out on an expedition according to one observer.  The gentleman was a biker and Lisa said " Well we are going for a 20-mile run"  I think he was suitably chagrined to have mentioned anything!  I usually use Jeff Galloway's run/walk method, but not really necessary here as the trail kept me stopping anyway.  I have run one trail before and I really loved it.  It was full of roots and hills, but not that many other obstacles other then having to move off the trail for the bikers, but for whatever reason, I did not do as well this time.  To get in the 20 miles we had to do the trail twice.  I fell near the end of the first loop around, just a couple bruised knees and scraped elbow...nothing broken, like the wrist last August thank goodness.  When we finished the first 10 and were taking a rest at the car Lisa asked if I wanted to continue with the trail or go on a more tame 10-miler, but I opted for doing the trail again. Really pooped out the second time around.  At times I did not think I would finish, but once you are out there whatcha gonna do???  Not much choice but to keep going.  A LOT of walking this time.  but we finished.  I could not wait to get the backpack off!  I think it took like 7 hours, which is awful time, but Lisa kept reminding me it was a trail and it was hot an humid.  We rested a little, I had a Diet Coke, some fruit and some nuts...( we also each had a beer)  don't tell we were in a public park!  On the way home in the car this feeling washed over me and I said to Lisa, you are going to have to pull over I think I am going to be sick.  I did not get sick, but had to get out of the car and just had to lie down on the can imagine what cars thought that were driving by!!!  Probably thought Lisa had hit me with the car!  I knew I would be alright, this happens to me sometimes when I run a long distance and I recover and I did , in about 15 minutes.  I don't know why this happens, I stayed hydrated, we rested , ate and drank afterwards and I was fine up until that ride home.

Now tomorrow I am scheduled for a 23- miler.  I am doing this here in my town, not wearing backpack, will be able to stop off at home for refreshment or run into a local store if not near home.  Supposed to be really hot and humid though, so planning on leaving early.  I will do what I can and if it isn't 23 miles I still have about 7 weeks until the marathon.  My head is going to be the problem tomorrow......I kind of get those negative thoughts when I start tiring.  You all know those thoughts...".You can't do this, your back hurts, you can't do anything right"  Yeah well...yes I can , so there!!!!!!

I will try to be better about writing my progress up to the marathon.

Above is a portion of the trail and below that evening, which was much more fun!!!!

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