Monday, June 10, 2013

Why we do this?????

Those of you, who are not runners, may wonder why we do this to ouselves?  We pay money to run these races, where at times, we run with cramps in our feet and calves, aching knees, nausea...we keep running even though we feel like walking (which I do), but even when I do walk, I will myself back to running even though it hurts.  I really don't know how to answer the question of why we do it.  For one thing, the comaraderie is awesome.  I have met such wonderful people and made, I hope, lifelong friends.  Before I started running the longer distances it was a pretty solitary activity.  I mean it still is solitary when I do my runs, but not at the races, and I get such support from my running community.  I believe some of it may be the competition, even though I know I am not going to win one of these races I compete against myself I guess.  There are so many times during these races that I really want to stop, get on one of the vehicles that roam these races and tell them take me back, I am done!  But I just can't make myself do it!  As long as I can propel myself forward, I just cannot DNF, Did not Finish.  I feel I would be disappointing not only to
 myself, but my friends and family, even though I know, in my heart, that they would not think any less of me if this happened, but my head just won't let me do it...I just keep going.  Maybe it is because I always thought my Dad was disappointed in me as a kid, (don't mean to go deep here), but sometimes I wonder why I do it myself and it hard to figure out or explain.

Who knew that when I first took that first step out the door with running shoes over 30 years ago, that I would still be at it and running half marathons!  It certainly is character building!  I still haven't really explained why we do it.  I would be curious of what other runners think.

By the way, I won 1st in my age group, for the first time in a half this weekend, which is probably why I am feeling emotional.  It's a great feeling.


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  1. Great post Ginny! I've thought about this a lot myself. Running keeps me sane, but why racing? I must really like it because I do it a lot. For me, I like thinking of myself as an athlete. I like pushing myself to run faster or further than I've ever run before. And I love the running community. I can PR and get heartfelt congratulations from someone that runs that pace for their easy runs, and I can also get heartfelt congratulations from someone that races at my easy pace. And I've learned that I might also be inspiring to some people, something I never thought would happen! Aimee, whom you met this weekend, told me that I was her "idol", because the first time I met her (about two years ago), we were running the same paces. So she sees how much faster I've gotten and she thinks maybe she still has some PRs left in her. My sister is running her 3rd half and her 15-year-old daughter is running her 1st half at Disney with me in January. And my 17-year-old nephew even commented on a race picture of me with a "dang, aunt Karen! I get winded going up the stairs!"

    I am so proud of your first place this weekend, and I am also proud to be one of those hopefully lifelong friends! See you next month in Ohio!