Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summertime.....and the runnin' is easy...

Well not really easy, but a heck of a lot better than the winter!

Sorry that I have not posted in a few months.  I get into a real funk in the wintertime and ours lasted forever this year.  I did manage to train for and registered for the Cleveland Half Marathon in May.  However.....the night before the race I was up all night with the stomach flu.  No way was I going to make it to Cleveland, about an hour's drive, let alone run a Half Marathon.  I was so disappointed, I have never registered for a race and then not been able to run it.  Monday following the scheduled half I decided to run my own private Half just in my hometown.  Strapped on my Garmin, loaded up with water and away I went.  I didn't do as well as I hoped, but am thinking I probably would have done better had it been a race environment, at least I told myself that!

Since my running has gone pretty well.  Did do a 5K in our downtown later in May, that was interesting also. At one point we were supposed to turn right, run around a marina and then get back on the main road.  The woman ahead of me , either did not see the pointing sign, or chose to ignore it, I am not sure which, anyway she did not make the turn or run around the marina, but just kept going straight, I tried to yell at her that she missed the turn, but again, she either didn't hear me or chose to ignore me.  Imagine my chagrin when as age group awards were announced she was in my age group and came in first!  I was second!  I was kind of ticked off because I knew she did not run the whole course.  Did not say anything though, cause she really may have just missed the turn off.  However, I did mention it to a friend, who told the race director.  The next week as I was coming home there was a 1st place medal hanging on my back door...neat!  Apparently I was not the only person who complained.  I still don't know if she thinks she ran the whole thing or not.  I have heard through the grapevine that she also did this in a neighboring town's 5K a few weeks later, but she was caught this time.  So maybe she did know what she was doing after all.

I seem to have an awful lot of aches and pains these days, but they never seem to get any worse and do not prevent me from running, so I just keep going.  My speed is still atrociously ( is that a word?) slow, but I think I have come to grips with it ( not really, I still try to improve)  I am running a Half this Sunday in Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of the world!  I better not get sick!  I so want to come in under 3 hours!  See I told you I am slow!  The weather conditions are supposed to be hot and humid, but the race starts at 6:45, so hopefully it will not be too bad.  If you have read any of my other blog posts you will know that I really got sick in Cleveland a couple of years ago when it was hot and humid, so I do not want to repeat that experience!

Wish me luck and I promise I will post a race report.

Right now I feel like I can keep running indefinitely!


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