Saturday, February 23, 2013

I really have to start getting in some longer miles.  I am doing the Hatfield/Mcoy 1/2 marathon on June 9th for sure and I am still comtemplating the Cleveland Half in May, but I have to get some long runs going.  Just don't have it in me right now.  I so wish the weather would turn for the better, although that is not an excuse. I should not complain because I am slow, but I am going to anyway.  It just takes me so darn long to run 10 miles anymore.  I don't want to run my 1/2 marathon pace for my practice runs, so I slow down even more for them....takes me almost 2 hours to run 10 miles, so it has to be on a weekend.  The weekends go so darn fast.  Plus today I have a killer toothache!  It started bad last night, the whole right side of my face hurts, ibuprofen helps for a little while, but not for long, I am miserable.  Dentist on Monday.  It is my own fault, I have neglected visiting the dentist for a long time and now I am paying the price.  Going to the dentist is expensive, very expensive.  I need so much work I will have to take out a loan, I am sure...darn teeth anyway.  Since we are living so much longer these days, I really think we should get a third set of know like when you are a child, you lose all those baby teeth and get new grown up teeth?  That's what should happen in our 50's, get a third set for the rest of our life, cause this set just isn't going to last!

Making homemade bread this afternoon, it is rising right now.  Nothing like fresh bread out of the oven with peanut butter!  Yum!  Soft enough so I think I can have some even with this darn tooth!


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